Zottman Curl


Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions three times per week. Continue using this exercise once symptoms resolve to maintain arm strength.


Weakness in the muscles that control the elbow and wrist can be responsible for pain and stiffness n the elbow and wrist. Activating these muscles can help to improve these symptoms while building stability.


Start in the standing position with a weight in your hand. The feet should be hip wedth apart, the pelvis neutral, the chin back, and the shoulders back. If you unfamiliar with these movements, try performing the Pelvic Tilt and Head Retraction.

Once your posture is set, being lifting the weight to shoulder height by bending the elbow. Twist the weight as you rais it so that the palm faces the shoulder at the top of the movement. Keep the writ slightly bent twards you, and the elbow still by your side as you perform the curl.

Then, slowly lower the weight back down while twisting the hand so that the palm faces you when the hand s by the side and the arm if fully straightened.

Common Mistakes

• Moving the elbow. When performing this exercise, you should only be moving the forearm and hand. If the upper arm and elbow move away from the body, this could mean your shoulder muscles are trying to assist the movement. Keep the elbow still by the side of the body by squeezing the shoulder blade back throughout the movement.

• Not activating the arm muscles. To make this exercise the most effective it can be, try to squeeze the muscles of the arm by keeping a tight grip on the weight, the wrist slightly bent towards you, and flexing your bicep at the top of the movement.