Phyx Testimonials: Steven

Steven is a jiu jitsu purple belt and head coach who uses Phyx for injury prevention and treatment.
Steven is Head Coach at Freaks Jiu Jitsu and Apex Gym in Dunedin, New Zealand.

β€œThe nature of competitive Jiu Jitsu can result in injuries, both chronic and acute. This isn’t surprising given that a large part of the sport focuses on immobilising opponents who are resisting, then applying techniques designed to break joints and tear ligaments.

Phyx has proven their professional and exemplary knowledge by correctly diagnosing all of my injuries and imbalances many times over. Their prescribed exercises & treatments fix the issue, and their advice allows me to recognise and self manage other injuries before they develop. I highly recommend Phyx. Without a doubt they have enhanced my sporting performance.”

Have you sustained an injury practicing martial arts? Talk to a physio or download the Phyx app to get on top of it.