Phyx Testimonial: Katie

Katie is a chief mate on the ferries that service Alaskan communities.

“As a merchant mariner, I am constantly traveling, rarely home, and often without access to physio equipment. When I started feeling pain in my mid-back a few years ago, I was never sure of the cause.

Was it from sleeping on so many different mattresses? Standing long bridge watches? Hunching over my phone? The thought of visiting a physical therapist was daunting – as an American, I’m never sure what costs my employer-provided health insurance will cover. Plus, how could I attend routine sessions in one location when I go to sea for weeks or months at a time?

Enter Phyx. Of course, there’s an app that will deliver detailed, demonstrated, and easy-to-understand physical therapy instruction to your palm for a fixed annual cost – it’s 2020.

But perhaps most importantly, given the amount of wellness/pseudoscience advice on the internet these days, its creator is actually a licensed physical therapist. Knowing this – and reading the app’s detailed explanations and descriptions of how exercises work on various musculoskeletal systems – has done away with any latent skepticism I had surrounding getting medical advice from an app.

Following the video instructions is surprisingly easy – even on a ship with little to no equipment – and has helped me gain a greater awareness of my posture. Plus, following my Phyx prescription is a small, simple daily task that gets me into a better mindset for taking care of my body throughout the day – and it makes me feel accomplished.

My family, friends, and coworkers are probably tired of hearing me talk about Phyx, but once I realized how much I can increase my physical abilities and decrease my pain with a little bit of preventative maintenance (which is actually enjoyable!) I can’t shut up about it. Thanks, Phyx!”

People like Katie are why we created Phyx. We try to makes it easier to get effective treatment, even when you lead a busy life. If this sounds like you, give Phyx Premium a try for two weeks, it’s free! Just select any subscription period when prompted by the app.

Another good way to help your body when you can’t go into the clinic is to jump on a video call with a Phyx Physio. We’ll help you identify what’s wrong and help you Phyx it. Book your appointment for free today.

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