Phyx Testimonials: Jenny

Jenny is a long distance runner who turned to Phyx for help with knee pain. A year later, she is winning races and breaking her personal bests.
Jenny is a competitive long distance runner and 2018 winner of Sandman, a 50k beach race in Western Australia

“I love running. In my mid-twenties, I was making the podium in long-distance trail races around New Zealand. Then a niggle in my knee, which had been there on and off for years (and for which I had seen several physios, and gotten various diagnoses and advice, none of which helped) got serious. I was forced off my feet and into the swimming pool, doing laps and useless rehab exercises for months.

Then I asked Liam for help. Over the course of one teleconference, Liam not only diagnosed my problem, but helped me understand it in a way that allowed me to change the way I stood, moved, and ran. One year later, I’ve won an Ultra and broken 3:30 in a marathon. Thank you, Phyx!”

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