Katie is a chief mate on the ferries that service Alaskan communities.

“As a merchant mariner, I am constantly traveling, rarely home, and often without access to physio equipment. When I started feeling pain in my mid-back a few years ago, I was never sure of the cause.

Was it from sleeping on so many different mattresses? Standing long bridge watches? Hunching over my phone? The thought of visiting a physical therapist was daunting – as an American, I’m never sure what costs my employer-provided health insurance will cover. Plus, how could I attend routine sessions in one location when I go to sea for weeks or months at a time?

Enter Phyx. Of course, there’s an app that will deliver detailed, demonstrated, and easy-to-understand physical therapy instruction to your palm for a fixed annual cost – it’s 2020.

But perhaps most importantly, given the amount of wellness/pseudoscience advice on the internet these days, its creator is actually a licensed physical therapist. Knowing this – and reading the app’s detailed explanations and descriptions of how exercises work on various musculoskeletal systems – has done away with any latent skepticism I had surrounding getting medical advice from an app.

Following the video instructions is surprisingly easy – even on a ship with little to no equipment – and has helped me gain a greater awareness of my posture. Plus, following my Phyx prescription is a small, simple daily task that gets me into a better mindset for taking care of my body throughout the day – and it makes me feel accomplished.

My family, friends, and coworkers are probably tired of hearing me talk about Phyx, but once I realized how much I can increase my physical abilities and decrease my pain with a little bit of preventative maintenance (which is actually enjoyable!) I can’t shut up about it. Thanks, Phyx!”

People like Katie are why we created Phyx. We try to makes it easier to get effective treatment, even when you lead a busy life. If this sounds like you, give Phyx Premium a try for two weeks, it’s free! Just select any subscription period when prompted by the app.

Another good way to help your body when you can’t go into the clinic is to jump on a video call with a Phyx Physio. We’ll help you identify what’s wrong and help you Phyx it. Book your appointment for free today.

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Phyx Testimonial: Katie

Craig is a traveling professional who relies on Phyx to catch injuries before they become major.
Craig has overcome lower back and knee pain to maintain an active lifestyle while traveling frequently.

“As someone that has been constantly moving around the world both for work and travel, Phyx has been absolutely fantastic and has been supporting me for just over a year now. The combination of personal advice on injuries and niggles, as well as great videos showing how to perform the rehab exercises have played a big part in gaining strength, functional fitness and feeling great in life.

I regularly contact Phyx as soon as a niggle comes up, and we work to modify my training routines/technique appropriately to make sure it doesn’t become anything major. We also address any underlying weaknesses in other areas of the body that may be contributing to this.”

Do you have pain or imbalances, but travel too much to see a physio regularly? Book a digital consultation or download the Phyx app now.

Phyx Testimonials: Craig

Craig does the exercises from Phyx while traveling to reduce back and knee pain
Steven is a jiu jitsu purple belt and head coach who uses Phyx for injury prevention and treatment.
Steven is Head Coach at Freaks Jiu Jitsu and Apex Gym in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“The nature of competitive Jiu Jitsu can result in injuries, both chronic and acute. This isn’t surprising given that a large part of the sport focuses on immobilising opponents who are resisting, then applying techniques designed to break joints and tear ligaments.

Phyx has proven their professional and exemplary knowledge by correctly diagnosing all of my injuries and imbalances many times over. Their prescribed exercises & treatments fix the issue, and their advice allows me to recognise and self manage other injuries before they develop. I highly recommend Phyx. Without a doubt they have enhanced my sporting performance.”

Have you sustained an injury practicing martial arts? Talk to a physio or download the Phyx app to get on top of it.

Phyx Testimonials: Steven

Jenny is a long distance runner who turned to Phyx for help with knee pain. A year later, she is winning races and breaking her personal bests.
Jenny is a competitive long distance runner and 2018 winner of Sandman, a 50k beach race in Western Australia

“I love running. In my mid-twenties, I was making the podium in long-distance trail races around New Zealand. Then a niggle in my knee, which had been there on and off for years (and for which I had seen several physios, and gotten various diagnoses and advice, none of which helped) got serious. I was forced off my feet and into the swimming pool, doing laps and useless rehab exercises for months.

Then I asked Liam for help. Over the course of one teleconference, Liam not only diagnosed my problem, but helped me understand it in a way that allowed me to change the way I stood, moved, and ran. One year later, I’ve won an Ultra and broken 3:30 in a marathon. Thank you, Phyx!”

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Phyx Testimonials: Jenny

Jenny is an elite runner who suffered from knee pain until turning to Phyx for help.