Telehealth Consultation

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Get on top of your injury by consulting a Phyx physiotherapist


Need a physio? Join thousands of others using telehealth physiotherapy.

Don’t waste time sitting in a waiting room, or getting poked and prodded. Use telehealth physiotherapy to get the most effective treatment anytime, anywhere.

Each telehealth appointment includes:

  • Assessment of your injury
  • Primary and differential diagnoses
  • Education on injury severity and prognosis
  • Movement analysis and retraining
  • Activity modification
  • Therapeutic exercise program
  • Self-treatment techniques
  • Referrals to other health professionals, if necessary

Not sure if telehealth physiotherapy is right for you?

Tell us what’s going on, and we’ll send you a free treatment plan.

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Want to manage your condition independently?

Try Phyx for iOS. It has all the self-treatment tools you need to prevent and treat injuries anywhere on the body.

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1 review for Telehealth Consultation

  1. Jenny

    I love running. In my mid-twenties, I was making podium in long-distance trail races around New Zealand. Then a niggle in my knee, which had been there on and off for years (and for which I had seen several physios, and gotten various diagnoses and advice, none of which helped) got serious. I was forced off my feet and into the swimming pool, doing laps and useless rehab exercises for months.

    Then I asked Liam for help. Over the course of one teleconference, Liam not only diagnosed my problem, but helped me understand it in a way that allowed me to change the way I stood, moved, and ran. One year later, I’ve won an ultra and broken 3:30 in a marathon. Thank you, Phyx!

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