L Stretch


Perform 1 thirty-second long hold on each side per day.


Joints and muscles on the arms, back, and legs often contribute to pain and stiffness. This stretch hits multiple areas and can be done easily.


Hold onto the back of a chair and take two steps backwards. With your feet together and knees straight, push your hips straight back and bring your chest down to face the ground while keeping your back a straight as possible. You will feel a straigtch in the back of the legs and under the arms.

Then, twist the heels to one side while keep the front of the feet planted on the ground. This will twist your hips and create a bigger stretch down the side of the body. Repeat on each side.

Breathe diaphragmatically into the feeling of stretch. Hold this position for five breaths before changing sides. If you are unfamiliar with diaphragmatic breathing, practice the Supine Diaphragmatic Breathing exercise available in this prescription.

Common Mistakes

• Using this stretch as a standalone therapy. While this stretch can be effective in reducing pain temporarily, you will probably need to couple it with strengthening exercises for the hip and core muscles for a long-term effect. See the Clam and Wall Squat exercises to strengthen this area.

Progression Threshold

You should be able to bend 90 degrees at the hips before progressing.