Take control with our new physiotherapy app

This new physiotherapy app is the best way to independently prevent and treat muscle and joint issues. Phyx Premium contains all the tools you need to improve strength, mobility, and posture in all areas of the body.

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What can this physiotherapy app help with?

Phyx can help improve posture, pain, strength, and mobility. The app can be targeted at specific zones of the body, depending on the locations of your symptoms.

  • Neck
  • Mid Back
  • Lower Back
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Wrist/hand
  • Lower leg/foot
physiotherapy app, App

For each body part, Phyx prescribes and teaches a progression of exercises to relieve pain and improve strength and mobility. It gives advice on how to to improve posture and manage symptoms during daily activities, and answers common questions about your body.

A long term Phyx

physiotherapy app, App

Phyx will help you resolve your symptoms, and it doesn’t stop there. People often stop physiotherapy when the pain goes away. Phyx enables long term growth by providing regularly updated exercises and habits to maintain strength and mobility in the long term.

See the improvement

Phyx tracks your progress from Day 1, giving visual feedback on how your pain, strength, and mobility have changed since you started using the app. A progress log allows you to record your journey in detail, capturing strengths, areas for improvement, and how the symptoms are affecting you.

Connect with a Physio

Sometimes the body can be stubborn, and you can benefit from a second opinion. Phyx allows you to schedule a telehealth consultation with a physiotherapist who can assist you with your condition.

physiotherapy app, App